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Benefits of Donor Advised funds

Few Charitable giving options provide the versatility and tax efficiency that Donor Advised Funds do. Today's Donor Advised funds provide many benefits. You can:

Enjoy an immediate tax deduction

Your contributions are fully tax deductible in the year they're made.

Donate appreciated securities tax free

When you donate appreciated securities to a Donor Advised Fund, you may immediately deduct their fair market value from your taxes, without incurring any capital gains liability.

Create a legacy of giving

You may name account advisors who will have the ability to recommend grants from your account. You also have the ability to select successors, who can continue your charitable legacy by recommending grants beyond your lifetime.

Separate tax planning and charitable decisions

Immediate tax advantages through contributions can be achieved now and grants can be recommended to charities later. Donor Advised funds can help eliminate the year end pressure to select a charity and make a grant.

Record keeping made easy

Donor Advised funds provide consolidated reporting and record keeping. You'll receive quarterly account statements, gift receipts and IRS ready tax information. There is no need to hire your own attorney to draft trust documents and no need to hire a CPA to draft an individual return for your account.


If you prefer, your grant(s) can be made anonymously, so that your name and personal information will not be known.


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